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Teaching Mindfulness to People of All Ages to Help Build a Kinder and More Compassionate World...One Breath at a Time

ToBeMindful certified mindfulness educators and facilitators teach skills, techniques and practices of secular mindfulness in schools, businesses, non-profits,  organizations and privately.

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Weekly Mindfulness for Adults with ADHD. Drop in or commit to all 4. Next series starts on Tuesday, January 9th. We will share a mindfulness practice to strengthen awareness, focus & attention as well as to ease stress & increase well-being. ($13 per session or $50 for all 4) to register

Watch this Vimeo to learn more about mindfulness basics.

Mindfulness practices are life skills for coping with our day to day reactions and experiences. Just like eating healthy foods, and getting exercise the mind/brain needs care as well. Mindful practices can you develop the mental strength to manage what Life throws at you!