Life & Leadership Sessions

We believe there is a connection between self-regulation and a person's success. We offer personal mindfulness sessions and mentoring programs that allow you to grow, work to overcome barriers, and become effective at leading and making decisions. Life is filled with choices; learning to understand and to modify our reactions can increase our satisfaction with our life choices. This is true for children, teens and adults!

For  Businesses and Employee Wellness

In Schools for Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students

Professional collaboration with one another provides enrichment, resilience and interpersonal skills. Our mindfulness professional development workshops include research, information and practices that are useful and engaging for educators.

The curriculum helps students understand themselves and their peer community. In a classroom, group or afterschool, mindfulness is a life skill for all age groups.

Mindfulness Consultancy Co. is our corporate wellness division. Our offerings include: Lunch & Learns, 4 week Seminars, and Executive Leadership programs.   Our leadership training assists all professionals in building present moment focus. Mindfulness at work is designed to increase emotional intelligence, well-being and productivity through balance, increased awareness and self regulation.

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The staff believe that acting as an agent and guide for change for all people is more than our work. It is our passion to provide mindfulness skills and practices, support, and compassion. While ToBeMindful, LLC is rooted in the secular brain science approach to mindfulness, our services are built on our belief in our common humanity.

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